Learn How to Install Built-In Bedroom Cupboards in Johannesburg

Whether the bedroom is large or small, clutter is a big problem for everyone. Sometimes it is not possible to fit everything in a built-in wardrobe and no matter how you arrange things, the space seems smaller. So right now, built-in wardrobes help to provide some extra space to keep clothes and other items organized without clutter and hassle.

built-in wardrobe

Fixed height wardrobes are out now as people now want to make smart use of every corner of the room. Fixed height wardrobes cannot be adjusted, but built-in wardrobes can, which is why people love them. You can install fitted wardrobes any way you want, with as many shelves and space as you need and need. You can choose the design and function according to the decor and available space of the room and the items you want to store in the wardrobe.

How do I install the built-in cabinet?

While the process of building and installing a fitted wardrobe can take several days, with patience the end result can be fantastic. The following steps will help you install and design a custom fitted wardrobe for the bedroom space to be utilised:

Design: Design a functional and appropriate wardrobe that fits the space in which it is designed. Also keep in mind the requirements and everything should go in there. Make sure the shelves are spacious and the boxes are not cramped. A good design and layout will make further steps easier.
Boxes: A wardrobe is nothing more than a structure of several boxes integrated into each other, then stacked and secured with face frames. Therefore, the main task is to build boxes of different sizes according to the layout.
Installing the boxes: The next step is to install the boxes one by one or as the layout is designed. This particular step can be a bit difficult so it takes a lot of patience and a good installation process.
Face frame: In order to give the wardrobe the right look and hide rough edges, it is necessary to make a face frame. The face frame will be made from the same material as the box, so the correct size and dimensions must be used.
Doors: The final step in construction is making a door, but open wardrobes are also an option if you don’t plan on storing expensive clothes and shoes. Make smaller panels and join them together to make doors. Using panels of the same size can cause warping and over time the door will not close properly.
Paint: Finally, after the whole construction process is completed, paint the wardrobe with a color that matches the decor of the whole room.


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