Do You Know the Ready to Assemble Cabinet Details?

RTA cabinets are available in both over-counter and under-counter versions to save money. You could spend double that on custom cabinets. Know the brand, construction, wood quality, and finish before purchasing an imported product.

Imported RTA cabinets should pay attention to these factors

• Go for pleasant colors and finishes.
• Hand finishing lasts longer than spray painting.
• Cam locks and dado assemblies are best avoided.
• Components can be easily replaced by local manufacturers.
• Determine the quality and ask questions about breakage.

some shopping tips
Regarding the hardware, make sure the rails are of good quality and close gently. Does it have self-closing hinges? Ask about replacements and damage and how long it takes to receive new parts. American-made cabinets are better and more convenient. If it’s a shelf, you don’t have to replace the whole cabinet. Finishes made in the USA are best as imported coatings are no good. Hand rub coating works better and has a richer depth, but due to higher labor and material costs.

Some imported RTAs offer authentic siding with fasteners and adhesives that can be secured with screws or nails. Over time, wood expands and contracts and begins to shift and chip. An American manufacturer offers dovetail technology, which prevents it from falling apart after assembly.

Check drawers and doors. Consider your preferences, such as full coverage or recessed doors. Do you have a specific color? If you want to do the finishing, maybe you can buy the piece unfinished. Chinese imports do not allow such flexibility, domestic products can be better.

Would you buy a Chinese RTA?
Why not go to China for affordable prices and pretty good standards? Buying housewares saves you a number of worries, such as getting replacement parts. However, the performance of many Chinese manufacturers is still good and their products are definitely worth buying. If you are a savvy buyer, you know the benefits and issues of importing RTAs. Please purchase accordingly after understanding. Get ready to enjoy super low prices straight from the factory.

Chinese cabinets are all made of plywood, which is cheap. The design is easy to assemble. Do not rely solely on cam locks and use glue for extra strength. Affordable in 6 to 8-door styles and a variety of commonly available finishes. Mixing and matching will be impossible. Door styles and colors are limited and there are no glass doors. A common wood is a Russian birch. Shop With Confidence.


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